Rossini Opera Stampa

Progetto ROS / Rossini Opera Stampa


location: Kaus Centre, Hanging Garden of the Ex-monastery of Santa Chiara, Urbino

dates: May-July 2012

artistic and organizative coordination: Cecilia Giampaoli, Giuliano Santini


The Project

The project begins with the goal of exploring the stature of the Pesaro musician, the variety of his oeuvre and the complexity of his legacy, through the eyes and hands of an international group of graphic artists and printmakers.


The artists have been invited to read and listen to the operas that are part of the Rossini Opera Festival 2012 program. They will then each conceive and create a limited edition poster inspired by one of the operas, using traditional printmaking techniques such as intaglio, relief printing and letterpress typography.


Together, these large format works constitute a collection of poster art, printed and signed by the artists and dedicated to the operas of Rossini.



Joseph Visser / Nederland

Kestutis Vasaliunas /Lithuania

Egidijus Rudinskas / Lithuania


Giovanni Piccini / Italy


Gus Mazzocca / Usa


Andrzej Bartczak /Polonia





marzo - ottobre 2012

Rossini Opera Stampa

May to July 2012

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