Thanks to the International Summer Courses for the Artistic Engraving sponsored by the city of Urbino, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pesaro, Legato Albani di Urbino and ISIA the Kaus Centre has established partnerships with the most important Italian Academies (Milan, Turin, Bologna, Florence, Venice) and foreign Academies (Krakow, Lodz, Katowice, Vilnius, Valencia, Cairo, Alexandria, Aleppo, ….). This cooperation has allowed the realization of Raphael’s symposiums which are considered very prestigious in the Italian engraving world.

In that event will be invited engraving teachers who have to face a very exacting  artistic challenge that is to use Raphael as a source of inspiration for their engravings.

For many centuries engravers have used the work of Raphael only to enlarge the knowledge of his pictures.  

In contemporary times, engraving has become an exclusive mean  for those interested in seeing how today an artist can be influenced by Raphael without being forced into creating faithful reproductions.

The  shape of the  symposium is  something new for our cultural background while it is very popular abroad. It is quite strange that accomplished artists are involved in an initiative that will see them working side by side other people. In a world where artist’s  isolation seems to be an inseparable  prerogative of the creative act, the symposium shows an important sign: in the total respect of the own expressive autonomy it is possible to experience convivial moments in which the human aspect is connected with the expressive act.



Participation is by invitation  and  is free of charge. It includes technical assistance in the laboratories, the cost of the materials like matrices, paper, inks, etc….



Laboratory is always open with the presence of an assistant.



Each artist, in exchange have to create some graphic works in ten copies, five of them will be given to the institutions which will contribute at the realization of the initiative, three to KAUS and two to the artist. The matrix will remain the artist’s property.



The maximum size for matrices, which will become the property of the artist,  will be 50 x 66 cm The maximum size for the  paper will be 70 x 100 cm



For each edition will be held an exhibition with a catalogue of the engravings, drawings, created during the symposium.

marzo - ottobre 2012

May to July 2012

23 august to 1 september

9 to 18 august 2011

28 July / 6 August 2011

July 6 - 31 - 2010

July 7 -31 luglio - 2009

dal 19 al 30 agosto 2008