Artist's books

There is all the production of artist’s books invented and created inside the Kaus laboratories by artists, teachers and young students coming from different nations (Slovenia, Lithuania, Poland, Egypt, Italy, Serbia).

Some copies belong to the project “Claudio Claudi  and the artist’s book” and have as object the graphic production of the students of the Fine  Art Academy of Lodz (Poland), Vilnius (Lithuania) and Belgrade (Serbia). These plays represent  a free interpretation of the poetic works of Claudio Claudi.

Seven other books have been realized by the students of the Academy of Lodz  and are inspired by Paolo Volponi poetry and realized with the contribution of the Parco Letterario Paolo Volponi – GAL Montefeltro. Other books are part of  the collection “I Libri del Mediterraneo” and have been realized by guest artists of our centre.

Even if the books have been realised in different ways: traditional printing techniques such as  xylography, chalcography or freehand typography, sometimes with the drawing or with the calligraphy, other times with the collage or the charcoal, the books represent  an unique corpus despite their different subject, size or realisation. The Pensile Garden of the ex St. Chiara’s Monastery in Urbino is the  place where the idea was  generated and in the same time realised and this a central thread who tie the books inexorably.