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 Lodz, Poland 2019



Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts Lodz

Faculty of Graphics and Painting

Faculty of Textile and Fashion

Faculty of Visual Arts


In cooperation with:

KAUS Urbino International Art Centre

International Print Triennial Society in Cracow

City Art Gallery in Lodz

Book Art Museum in Lodz



Atelier Empreinte - Luxembourg

Galleria Arte e Pensieri - Rome, Italy

Stamperia del Tevere - Rome, Italy

The Comprehensive College of Akureyri in Island

Fundación Ace para el Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Honorary patronage:

Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Voivode of Lodz Zbigniew Rau

Marshal of the Lodz Voivodeship Grzegorz Schreiber

Mayor of Lodz Hanna Zdanowska


Media patronage:

TVP Lodz

Radio Lodz

Radio Zak

Gazeta Wyborcza

Dziennik Lodzki


 Artistic and organizational coordination:

Alicja Habisiak - Matczak

Giuliano Santini

 PATA Office: Dagmara Soko2owska - Noskowska

Translation: Magdalena Maciaszczyk



1st SESSION: JULY 16-30, 2019

 Course 1

JULY 16-30, 2019


Prof. Dariusz Kaca, Woodcut Techniques and Book Art Studio

Assistants: dr Wawrzyniec Strzemieczny, mgr Oskar Gorzkiewicz

Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts Lodz

 One of the advantages of the course is the possibility of leaving behind the traditional manner of thinking about two-dimensional graphic art and entering the world of spatial creation. Participants will be given an opportunity to create works combining features of sculpture, spatial installation and book art. Our starting point will be the idea of combining the print and its matrix to create a unique spatial object. The course is addressed to both enthusiasts who have a certain experience in the field of printmaking and to beginners taking their first steps in this discipline. The following techniques of artistic printmaking will be offered within the framework of the course: relief printing techniques: linocut, woodcut, and printing with the use of collagraphy matrices; intaglio techniques: drypoint, etching, aquatint and collagraphy.  

Each participant will be able to choose a printing technique most suitable for his/her skills, aesthetic and stylistic tastes or the one which he/she would like to learn. This freedom of choice will allow more experienced participants to experiment and search for their suitable medium in an unrestricted way. The beginners in the field of printmaking will become acquainted with the basic issues of their chosen technique so as to be able to create their own, original graphic works according to their expectations. The course works will be based on drawings, paintings or photos. The projects should be prepared in advance (at least in a conceptual form) as they will be discussed during the first meeting when the technique and plan of work will be established. Course participants will be offered suitable working conditions, artistic supervision and technical support. The course will result in the creation of original and unconventional works from the field of graphic art which will be satisfying for both course participants and course leaders.


Course 2

JULY 16-30, 2019


Prof. Krystyna Czajkowska, Head of the Textile Print Studio

Assistant: dr hab. Ludwika Zytkiewicz – Ostrowska

Technical assistant: Zbislaw Janiak

Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts Lodz

The programme of the course involves a range of topics concerning different functions of textile: its place in the field of design, its integration with fashion and its artistic merit. During the course participants will be introduced to several workshop modules connected with multifaceted use of printing techniques. The course will introduce the following techniques of creating patterns on textiles: shibori, tie - dye, transfer printing by hand, screen printing and new media of decorating textiles - digital printing. Course participants will individually choose printing techniques and the manner in which they want to combine them. There will be           a possibility to creatively mix the classical and modern method. Participants will have an opportunity to apply print on different types of materials, e.g. felt, polyester or cotton and on various kinds of objects, such as cushions, bags or articles of clothing. The aim of the creative workshops is to prepare participants to work in a number of different areas: artistic, practical and design related.


Course 3

JULY 16-30, 2019


Dr hab. Magdalena Sobon, Handmade Paper Studio

Assistant: Jonatan Jurkowski

Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts Lodz

 Is it fact or fiction that paper can be made of any material? Come and learn how much there is to discover when not much is needed – some plant fibers, an old T-shirt, perhaps a pair of jeans… Get inspired by nature, see how many colours and structures it has to offer. Experience and experiment until the matter becomes tame and yields to your creative ideas.  

The summer course of handmade paper invites you to experiment and broaden your skills. It is addressed to artists, graduates and students of Polish and foreign art academies as well as to all art. Enthusiasts who wish to realize their artistic ideas using the support of the experienced course leaders and the possibilities of the medium of paper.

During the classes we will follow an authorial programme. Participants will acquire the following skills:

 - making paper with the use of European and Eastern methods,

- making paper pulp from plant fibres (Japanese kozo, Polish grass or the golden straw)

- making paper from recycled cotton textiles 

- dying the pulp,

- drying the paper.

These practical skills will be the starting point for making participants’ own artistic projects. They may also be complementary to the printmaking or textile art courses.


Course 4

JULY 16-30, 2019


Dr Jakub Stepien, Spatial Graphics and Poster Studio

Assistant: mgr Damian Idzikowski

Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts Lodz


EcoPoster is a course devoted to graphic design for environment protection purposes. Found or recovered leaflets and street typography will be upcycled to create visual messages. EcoPoster is concerned with social and environmental issues which are extremely important in the age of severe air pollution, excessive consumption and irresponsible use of plastic on a mass scale.  The course will be divided into two parts: the 1st part will be a time of gathering graphic materials and their processing to create pro-environmental messages. The 2nd part will be devoted to realization of graphic works on posters, t-shirts and ceramic objects in the screen printing technique. 

The course will include elements of typespotting which involves tasks of a researcher, graphic designer and printer. It combines searching for typography and lettering in urban spaces with graphic design based on transforming the gathered visual artefacts for one’s own use.


2nd SESSION: AUGUST 5-17, 2019

Course 5

AUGUST 5-17, 2019


Prof. Marilene Oliver, Art and Design Department, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

Assistant: mgr Piotr Skowron

Participants will be encouraged to expand their printmaking practices to create print based 3D objects and installations or incorporate imagery from 4D sources (such as film, video, animation) into their print work. Possible projects would include a series of print works based on documentation of a performance or a sculpture made using printmaking matrices such as etched plates, laser cut or carved panels in addition to prints on paper. 

Print in the 3rd Dimension

It is possible to screen print onto almost any substrate as long as it is flat (or flattened). This allows imagery to be transferred on to different surfaces and constructed into a 3D form. Methods commonly used in digital image making such as layering in Photoshop and texture mapping in 3D modelling are very useful in helping in the planning and formation of such projects and will be supported.

Printing in the 4th Dimension

Still images exported from moving image projects (such a films, videos, performance documentation and animations) will be used to make a suite of prints or a small book. Any techniques can be used from silk screen to wood cut to etching. As the translation of imagery will most likely require photo reprographic techniques, digital skills for translating imagery will be taught in addition to an introduction of using the laser cutter for etching and cutting plates for intaglio and relief printing.


·         Photo based screen printing

·         Photoshop and digital printing for making stencils

·         3D modelling software texture mapping 3D generated models

·         Work shop facilities for cutting, preparing and constructing material

·         Laser cutter to cut/engrave panels or structural elements

·         Digital printing onto fabric combined with silkscreen or relief/intaglio printing

·         Intaglio and Relief printing

·         Basic book binding techniques.


Course 6

AUGUST 5-17, 2019


Dr Tomasz Matczak, Lithography Techniques Studio

Assistants: mgr Oskar Gorzkiewicz

Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts Lodz

 The course is based on three types of graphic techniques: lithography, intaglio and relief print. Each technique may be applied individually or in connection with others. There will be a possibility of creating works in black and white or in colour. The general aim of the course held in the graphic studios is to develop and shape an individual artistic language by each participant. Both individual reviews and group workshops will be included in the programme. Short practical presentations will introduce technological issues of each of the chosen techniques. The choice will be adjusted to participants’ interests and needs. All artistic attitudes will be respected.

Participants will have access to professional equipment required by each of the offered techniques. Participants will have an opportunity to get acquainted with different aspects of intaglio techniques such as drypoint, mezzotint and copper engraving as well as etching techniques such as etching, aquatint, sugar lift or soft ground. The course offers the following relief techniques: woodcut, linocut and use of collagraphy matrix. The proposed lithography techniques include:  stone lithography made with a crayon or ink, bitumen of Judea, xerox transfer and shellac varnish and a modern method comprising an acrylic-polyester plate which allows involving digital graphics in the process of preparing the plate. There will be also a presentation of the technique of ferrography which is still developed at the Academy in 1ódA.  There will be a possibility of combining techniques and applying experimental actions.

It is expected that the starting point for the prints will be drawings or paintings. Therefore, it is recommended that participants should present their earlier works or create new drawings or paintings during the course.


Course 7

AUGUST 5-17, 2019


Prof. Jolanta Rudzka Habisiak, Interior Object, Carpet and Tapestry

Assistant: mgr Zygmunt Lukasiewicz

Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts Lodz

During the course various materials will be transformed into textile art works and soft interior objects. Course participants will be asked to find different kinds of materials which will be converted in an artistic manner. In the case of unique textile important factors will include: composition, surface structure, interesting handicraft solutions, various flat compositions based on the construction of traditional textile (warp/weft), created with the use of weaving techniques on harness or vertical looms. There will also be a possibility of creating hybrid objects made of unusual materials with the use of authors’ own techniques.

The design of soft interior objects (such as cushions, seats, soft pencil cases, table runners, small carpets, lampshades etc.) will require function analysis, originality of shapes and simplicity of technical solutions. As a result of the course authorial works of decorative or utility value will be created. The course will begin with an introductory lecture. All actions will be based on set assignments/tasks.

The course is addressed to students, professional artists and non-professionals. During the course participants will be able to use the academy’s workshops, available materials or to use their own experimental media. We ensure excellent conditions for creative work, artistic supervision and friendly technical support.


Course 8

AUGUST 5-17, 2019


Prof. Gabriel Ko2at, Comics, Illustration and Film and Game Preproduction Studio

Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts Lodz

Assistant: mgr Szymon Sobczak

Participants will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the illustration and comics techniques which are foundations for creating basics of CONCEPT ART. The course demonstrates possibilities of CONCEPT ART aspects and at the same time shows its broad scope and complexity. Treating the subject of the classes in such a comprehensive manner allows all participants to develop their creative and technical skills.

The course will include the following tasks:

1) Preparing the so called SHORT COMICS FORM

2) Realizing a cover illustration – for a book or comics

3) Defining a PRESENTATION BOARD (composition, arrangement, layout, etc.) in the 100x70 cm format which should include elements of matte painting, transformations of the main concept, inspirations and typographic and information design.

4) STORYBOARD - analogies and differences between comics and other forms of illustration. Elements of film and game preproduction. Creating several storyboards addressed to a chosen group realising a film or a game.

5) FACIAL EXPRESSION – a task which uses portrait photos of each of the course participants. Three portraits taken by a photographer showing each participant with maximally different facial expressions will be the starting point of the assignment. On the basis of the photos participants will create drawings of their favourite animals with matching facial expressions. The last stage of the task will involve designing three logotypes, graphic symbols corresponding to the photos and drawings.


 Planned seminars and lectures:

During the courses following seminars will take place. (All the details will be confirmed in June 2019)

  • Trends in Contemporary Artistic Printmaking – dr Marta Raczek - Karcz, President of The International Print Triennial Society in Cracow
  • Lodz Artistic Tradition – dr Lukasz Sadowski, Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts Lodz


Planned exhibitions:

  • Marilene Oliver, the OdNowa Gallery, Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts Lodz
  • FINAL SHOW I – an exhibition of works created by participants of the first session of the International Summer Courses Printmaking and Textile Art, Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts Lodz, (July 30, 2019);
  • FINAL SHOW II – an exhibition of works created by participants of the second session of the International Summer Courses Printmaking and Textile Art, Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts Lodz (August 18, 2019)



The classes will take place on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. In total, each single course comprises 90 didactic hours. The course includes an exhibition of created works and an official presentation of completion certificates.

Special visits and presentations in such cultural institutions as the Central Museum of Textiles, the Contemporary Art Museum in Lodz, the City Art Gallery, the Book Art Museum or the Film Museum will be organized for course participants.

At the end of each session a completion certificate of a given course will be issued.

The minimum number of participants in each course is 7. If this number is not reached a course may be cancelled. The maximum number of participants in each course is 15. If the number of submitted applications exceeds the number of places available, the scientific committee will select participants on the basis of their CVs and artistic portfolios.

Participants are kindly asked to indicate the second choice of course in case the chosen course is cancelled for the reason of small number of registered participants or as a consequence of reaching the maximum number.




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